CyubeVR will always hold a special place in my heart. The lighting and environmental effects are beautiful, the developer really has an eye for detail.  Find a sunny spot in the mountains or a patch of grass in a valley and explore.

Get some fresh air in CyubeVR

Environmental effects are applied beautifully, the gently rhythmic swaying of the plant life is so calming. There’s nothing quite like chilling on the side of a mountain taking in the view or basking in the golden sunlight radiating off a cliff. More screenshots can be found here.

Color temperature correct lighting is bliss and distinctly highlights the clouds/scenery. This game is a joy to experience, I’ll have to get back into the gameplay, tons of new features have been added such as weather effects, crafting and mining features. I’ll have to go through it all eventually but for now it’s the peaceful, chill environment that I’m interested in. More info is available via the wiki.

Day and night cycles are beautifully done with sunrises and sunsets that are truly worth watching. I’ll go through more features at some point but so far I cannot get past just wandering and taking in the beauty of this game. Currently CyubeVR is single-player only but the developer has plans to support multiplayer as well.

CyubeVR is available on Steam